Monday, June 11, 2012

Writing With Enthusiasm

Is writing a chore for you?  It doesn't have to be.  A little enthusiasm goes a long way.  Like any other activity you focus on throughout your day, it can be a mundane task or delight.  I can't wait to fire up my Macbook Pro and type away.  Here's an inside look at how I write with enthusiasm:

  1. I place strict limits on my writing schedule.  Each writing session always ends sooner than I would prefer.  I can't wait for the next session to begin.
  2. I interact with my readers.  Their feedback reminds me why I write everyday.  
  3. I believe every story I write has a purpose.  Failure to write daily means there will be some kind of void in the blogosphere.
  4. If I stop writing, my gift will atrophy like an unused muscle and I will lose the gift God gave me.
  5. The more I write, the more creative thoughts come to me.  The flow of my enthusiasm is up to me, like turning on a water faucet a little bit so it trickles or all the way so it flows like a fire hydrant.  Why not crank it up to full speed?
Please share how you put enthusiasm into your writing.  Have a great day.

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