Friday, June 1, 2012

Wilson and Ramona Team Up For Guest Post Friday

Wilson and Ramona reconnected again after a period of separation.

Please welcome Wilson and Ramona to guest post Friday.  My inanimate friends are appearing today to share how they coped with being separated from each other during my family's relocation to Iowa.  The pain of separation from a loved one can be a great way to develop your characters when you are writing.

Hi folks.  We are Mike's buddies and he asked us to share some ideas about how emotions play a role in creative writing.  You may be wondering, how can we be qualified to talk about this subject when we aren't even living beings?

Please don't be deceived by our appearances.  We may be lifeless, however, we do go through the same experiences our human counterparts deal with.  We were apart for awhile and my girl, Ramona, suffered some broken strings.  She always relied on me to protect her and I failed to keep her covered.  I went on two road trips with Mike and never spoke a word.  Ramona was the same way.  Without me in her life, she felt so alone.

We wanted to offer some advice to all the writers out there.  When you are experiencing separation anxiety or you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, dig deep and tap into those feelings.  Keep your feelings in mind when you are creating characters for your novels.  Your own pain can become a source of inspiration.  Your readers will find a connection to your characters when you write about how they feel.  Look how many songs have been written as a result of a breakup.  Turn your feelings into stories other people want to read.  Make your characters real people, even if they only look like lifeless objects on the outside.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Mike asked us to invite you to write a guest post for cyber-guest Friday.  He is busy working in the marketing department at his new job and has limited availability to connect with his readers.  Please email him if you would like to offer some writing pointers in a future guest post.  Would you like to add your thoughts to today's story?  Maybe you could share how you tap into your emotions when you are developing characters for your books. 

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