Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing On A Full Schedule

I can’t stop writing.  My full schedule is not a reason to abandon my daily writing.  Instead, I must get more efficient with the limited writing time I have.  All writers deal with this.  The difference between success and failure comes down to the little things.  It starts with the morning alarm clock.  The birds in my neighborhood serve as my wake up time, singing their morning melodies on cue with the sunrise at 5:00 AM.  The little things I do in the first 15 minutes of my day play an important role in my writing.  Here is a checklist I follow to fit writing into my busy life:

  1. Wake up on time.  When the birds begin singing, it’s time to get out of bed.
  2. Stand up to the excuses.  They are strongest at wake-up time.   Every day I must battle them.  If I get out of bed on time, I win.  If I snooze, they win.  It’s my choice.
  3. Pray for assistance.  You are not alone.  Ask God to help you with your day.  He will guide you through the ups and downs.
  4. Get to your writing zone on time every day and begin writing.  I’m typing this message while parked outside the library in my hometown.  There are no distractions here.  This place allows me to pen my thoughts in an efficient manner.  The key is to follow this routine every day.

Once you complete your writing for the day, move on to all the other activities you planned.  Make note of how you spend your time and cut out anything that is a time waster.  It’s important to complete your top priorities before it gets too late and you fail to get a full night of rest.  Lack of sleep will hurt your creativity with your writing.

Care to comment about how you fit your writing time into your schedule?  Please add your ideas below.


  1. For me, writing is essential to my productivity in every area of life because writing is how I process my life. When I'm stressed, I write. When I'm confused about what to do, I write. When I am trying to learn a topic, I write about it (okay, I read a lot about it too). The point is that writing is the medium through which I understand and am able to live life with victory.

  2.  Great comment, Kari.  Thanks for sharing about how you live life with victory by writing.  Keep it up.