Friday, May 18, 2012

Umbro Shares Guest Post on Writing Goals

Bro and friend, Ramona Wilson, enjoying the view in Utah on a recent road trip with Michael.

My good friend from Pakistan, Umbro, is back for a guest post about writing goals.  He was born to find the goal and I asked him to offer some advice for writers.  Please welcome "Bro" to the Cyber-bistro for a return guest post...

Bro on Writing Goals

I really get a kick out of guest hosting at the Cyber-bistro.  Thanks for inviting me back, Michael.  Yes, it's true, I exist to score goals.  I have a great deal in common with Michael's writing friends.  Without specific daily writing goals, writers would be lost on the field.  Here are some pointers to help you reach your goals:

  1. You can't score if you don't have a goal.  Define what you want to write about and give yourself a reasonable time to complete your writing project.  It may be as simple as writing one blog post every day or once a week.  It may be as challenging as writing a full-length novel.  Decide when you will score the goal and shoot for it.
  2. Always keep your sights on the goal post.  Never let the goal fade from your view.  Keep the goal in front of you and move forward, toward the goal.
  3. When the defense gets in your way and takes the ball away from you, COUNTER-ATTACK.  You must win the ball back when something  or someone gets in your way.
  4. Schedule breaks.  If you are on the writing field too long, you will tire and the quality of your work will decline.  You can get so fatigued that you will never hit your writing goals.
  5. Keep shooting.  Don't worry if some of your shots are too high or too wide.  The more shots you take at the goal, the more times you will actually score.  A good writer never stops writing.
Michael asked me to remind you about the opportunity to be a guest host on cyber-guest Friday at the bistro.  Some of you may think you're not qualified to share on this writers blog.  Look at me, I'm a soccer ball from a third world country!  If you offer to write a guest blog for the bistro, you will join a group of writers who are willing to share and this bistro will be a better place.  All you need to do is send Michael an email and share three or four paragraphs in a guest blog.  Your experience as a guest host will help you to become a better writer.  Go ahead, take a shot.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great allegory!  The blog post hit the goal in a powerful way!

    1. Thanks, Norma Jean. Always great to hear from a seasoned writer.