Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Your Characters Genuine

The two main characters in my novel both have heart.  They go through real life experiences I believe many readers will relate to.  Although both individuals are fictional, many of their traits come from people I've met.  I'm also tapping into my own emotions to help make my characters genuine.

I bet if you asked one hundred people to share their feelings about something they all experienced together, like going to a movie, each would offer their own unique point of view.  A good writer will find a way to portray his characters in a way that every reader will find some kind of unique connection.  My goal is to make my characters so life-like that the reader will want to keep turning page after page.  I must find a way to give depth to all the people in the novel.  This is not easy.  It takes time just like it takes time to get to know others.  It also requires hours and hours of practice.

How do you make your characters genuine?  Please add your ideas in the comments section below.

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