Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Found My Second Home

The friendly staff at the Williamsburg library.
What a day this is.  Not only is my first residence official today, I also found a second home, the Williamsburg Public Library.  What an astonishing 18,000 square foot spectacle.  The town saved for ten years to build this architectural wonder, powered by geothermal energy and water supplied from five wells over three hundred feet deep.  The state of Iowa contributed the balance of the funds needed to complete the multimillion dollar library in November, 2011.

I'm now a card carrying member of the new library, my home away from home.  It's so close to my residence, I can walk.  It looks like the library is so new they haven't had any author signings.  Hmm.  Looks like I may need to join the friends of the library and bring in some writers to share some pointers.

I will always savor the first time I hosted an author talk in Ramona, California.  I got the opportunity to be the first writer to do this when the new Ramona Library opened.  Can somebody pinch me, please?  Am I really going to get a second opportunity to christen another brand new library with it's first author talk?  Yep.  They are well equipped with two large meeting rooms.  The wheels are in motion.  Looks like I found my second home.

Have you ever participated in an author talk or book signing involving multiple authors?  Please comment about your experience below.

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