Friday, March 16, 2012

Wilson Mulligan is Today's Guest Host

Wilson at 7,000 ft.
Today's Guest Host is Wilson Mulligan.  Most of the time he serves as a racket cover for my tennis racket, donated to me by my cousin, John Mulligan.   He was with us every mile of our journey from California to Iowa and we found him to be an amazing companion.  Wilson is loyal and a great follower.  Today it's Wilson's turn to demonstrate his unique leadership skills.  This is his first time blogging.  If I'm ever short on guest hosts, Wilson will be back. You can follow Wilson on his Twitter page...@WilsonMulligan.

This is my second cousin, also named Wilson.
Hello.  I'm Wilson Mulligan, your Cyber-bistro guest host.  All the experts were booked up so Michael asked me to make a guest appearance.  I traveled with Michael and his family across eight states. Even though we were a little crowded in the moving truck with Michael, his wife and youngest son, and me, we managed to survive the 2,200 mile trek.  On the surface, I may look like a racket cover for Michael's tennis racket.  Please don't judge a book by it's cover.  I'm much more than that.  My second cousin, also named Wilson, helped Tom Hanks when he was trapped on an island (click here if you want to see my famous cousin in the Cast Away scene that always makes me cry).  Like my cousin, I was a good listener for the Mulligans when they needed a companion on their road trip.  I also posed for pictures in the family photo album.  I'm here today because no other writers were available for cyber-guest Friday.  Here are my pointers for bistro members and guests:

  1. Be a good listener.
  2. Never complain.
  3. Travel often.
  4. Look for new adventures.
  5. Smile.
  6. If you fall down, get back up.
  7. Keep your mouth shut when others are speaking.
  8. Exercise (I prefer tennis...I'm not really big enough to play football and at just over 2 ft. tall, I'm too short for hoops).
  9. Take vacations.
  10. Surround yourself with good friends.
Thanks, Wilson, for helping out at the Cyber-bistro.  It's nice to know you are always available in case of emergencies.  I'm hoping to get some writing experts to appear in the coming weeks.  Please email me if you would like to appear as a guest host.

Want to see Wilson's pictures from our road trip?  Click here to view pictures of Wilson on my Google+ page.  Your comments to Wilson's guest post are welcome below.  Wilson thanks you for your support.

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