Thursday, March 22, 2012

Next 3 Cyber-guest Fridays are Booked Up

I would like to personally thank my friend, Wilson Mulligan, for helping out last Friday when I was in a bind.  My reserve of guest hosts was on empty and Wilson helped me to keep my commitment to provide a guest host every cyber-guest Friday.  He will also be on stand-by should another emergency arise at the bistro.

There are no excuses here.  Members and guests expect high standards and I'm committed to building this blog up so all visitors can benefit.  Since I'm fairly new to the social media arena, I need to rely on the experts to share their ideas.  Here's what you can expect the next three cyber-guest Fridays:

  1. V.I.P. member Stacey Rudge is teaming up with award-winning novelist, Kathi Macias to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.  Stacey is reviewing Kathi's book series dealing with this issue and both authors are asking readers to be a part of the solution.  The book review is scheduled for Friday, March 23.
  2. Kari Scare will be the guest host at the bistro on Friday, March 30.  Her topic is about writing for personal therapy.  Kari knows this topic well and practices this daily in her life.  
  3. Christy McFerren is a writer, designer and speaker who will be sharing her thoughts on Friday, April 6.  Her experience as a web designer and coder will shed light on how we writers can adapt in a fast changing world.
Do you have a topic you would like to share on a future cyber-guest Friday?  Email me and let's get started.  If you are visiting this site and enjoy your experience here, please consider becoming a regular by joining this site.  Every month, drawings are held for free autographed copies of my next book, The Caveman in the Mirror.  If you have writing friends who you think might like to be a part of this blog, please invite them to join.  Your feedback is much appreciated.  Send your comments to the chef by filling out the form below.  Special thanks to all who participated in cyber-guest Friday at the bistro.

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