Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving Truck Due Back Today

My brother-in-law loaded up the truck like he was played Tetris.
Today is the last day of my blog vacation.  I will have some great stories to share about our journey across America.  The day before I picked up the moving truck, my daughter sent me a text notifying me it was deadline for renewing student aid information.  No problem, I thought.  I'll do a quick financial update and get back to packing.  

It wasn't that easy.  Completing the renewal process required information from my federal tax return which I had not started.  The day was already complicated because we needed to put our dog, Lucky, to sleep earlier that day and I also needed to take one of our automobiles in for a rebuilt transmission.  Ironically, the Honda, like me, was only functional in the forward gears.  If that wasn't enough, the part for the freezer door just arrived and I promised the new homeowner I would have it all fixed by the time he moved in.  The high winds blowing outside reminded me the Holy Spirit is with my family.  I set out to handle my massive to do list, one item at a time, including the unexpected ones.

I was thankful I could access my financial records before they were packed away and that my managing partner was able to get our business K-1 statement done in our time for our good-bye lunch the week before we moved.  I had everything I needed to update my records for my daughter's student aid renewal.  The taxes got done, the car dropped off for repairs, the student aid handled by deadline, and our 14-yr-old Lucky was laid to rest next to his love, Lady, all the day before we picked up the moving truck.

If the moving preparations were any sign of the trip ahead, I will have much to share in the coming weeks.  So, today we drop off the moving truck and begin the next chapter of our lives.  And tomorrow I will be back to my writing routine. 

How do you manage when your day is filled with unexpected tasks?  Please leave your comments below.

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