Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does Your Environment Affect Your Writing?

Now that my California home is sold and I'm living in the Midwest, my writing environment is much different.  We are staying in a friend's home while the family is away and the laptop is hooked up in a bedroom where my son sleeps.  In order to write, I must be very quiet.  Once he wakes up, he needs the laptop to do his online school assignments.  This new routine requires some adjusting.

I'm able to adapt because I have a vision to bring passionate writers together and it will only happen if I keep my commitment to contribute to this blog daily.  My new environment is helping my senses to come alive.  Every morning, I hear different species of birds singing.  I see the clouds racing across the sky.  The grass is lush and green.  I feel like I dove into a swimming pool and when I re-surfaced, everything changed.  This new environment will invigorate my senses.  I'm inspired to reach new heights with my creative writing.

How does your environment affect your writing?  Please comment below.


  1. My usual writing environment is quiet, private and peaceful. Yet, I find that putting myself into another environment on a regular basis inspires me in new ways. So, I try to go out once a week and write somewhere other than my office (like a coffee shop or even just outside on my deck), and I try to write in a getaway setting quarterly (like on a weekend outing with my husband or on a family vacation). Both consistency with my environment as well as something new keeps me motivated and inspired.

  2.  Great ideas, Kari.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm looking forward to your guest post on Friday, March 30.  Keep up the good work with your writing.

  3. I'm looking forward to it too! Thanks again.