Monday, February 20, 2012

Final Brick and Mortar Meeting With Writers Critique Group

Tonight is my last formal meeting with my local writers critique group before I move out of California.  When I first joined the group, the only thing I knew about writing was that I discovered a passion for it.  Though not qualified to write, I felt God calling me, an unqualified writer, who He qualifies for His glory.  In my case, He qualified me by surrounding me with talented writers and editors.

I'm going to miss my bi-monthly face-to-face sessions.  By the time the group meets again, my family and I will be 1,800 miles away.  I will continue learning from this amazing group in cyber-space.  Group leader, Pete Zindler, senior member, Byron Mettler, and fellow writer, Stacey Rudge, have all contributed to cyber-guest Friday at the bistro.  You can access their stories by clicking here.

How do you use new technology in your writing?  Do you participate in group sessions via the internet?  Please leave your comments below.  And to my writers critique group, I say thank you.  My hope is that each of you will become V.I.P. members at the Cyber-bistro.  Your active participation here will be an encouragement to all other members and guests.  Thanks for helping this writer become qualified.

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