Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Are You Standing Alone Outside?

There you are, standing outside the Caveman Cyber-bistro.  You're looking in through the windows.  You got your invitation to come in but you're not sure if you want to join the party.  I'm not going to force you to come in.  This is supposed to be a fun place.

Do you see the other patrons hanging out inside the bistro?  I've known some of them since my high school days.  Others are from my circle of friends in the writing world.  My tennis buddy, Olivier, grew up in France.  He's about to go public with his wine company.  Olivier has one of the fiercest backhands I've ever seen.

My two greatest passions in life are tennis and writing.  Many of the people here have similar interests and stop by to chat with the chef about these passions.  If you decide to come in, you may get so excited about writing that you decide you want to give it a try.  Or you might decide to pick up a tennis racket for the first time in your life.  Everyone at the bistro has a passion.  What's yours?  Would you like to come inside?  I'm working on some new menu items.  Come on in and introduce yourself.

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