Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who's coming to the Cyber-bistro?

Maria Kirilenko entertains crowds.  Photo by Mike Mulligan.
I'm cooking up some really cool recipes to serve on this site.  Future guests include publishers, literary agents, writers, and some tennis friends from my past.  Many of the conversations will be about new trends in the writing world and I promise to keep you updated about my next book.

Besides writing, my other passion is tennis.  I'm inviting my tennis buddies to hang out here with my writer friends; the mix should make our conversations more lively, especially if Maria Kirilenko agrees to my interview request.  Who knows?  Maybe Maria will add a brick to the Yellow Brick Road or join my friends for a virtual conversation at the bistro.

The bistro is a place for my guests to share their lives. Coco Goodson and her family agreed to become V.I.P.'s at the bistro - an interview with Coco and her family will be posted here soon.  Her mother and sister play tennis with me and the whole family has a great story to share here at the bistro.  Coco just got drafted to play professional soccer and we'll be following her career on this blog.  She's a celebrity in our hometown, an inspiration to kids who dream big. 

For visitors interested in publishing their own book, this site will be a great place to get some pointers.  Maybe one of the agents or publishers at the bistro will discover you while you're sharing your story here.  Writing is not a hobby for me, it's a passion.  My dream is to seek out others who share my love for writing and encourage them to become regulars at our virtual hangout.

Besides interviewing top movers and shakers in the writing world, I will be mixing in a few topics based on the passions of Cyber-bistro V.I.P.'s.  Maybe my tennis buddy from France, Olivier, can do an interview about his wine company he is getting ready to take public?  And my dream interview  with Russian tennis pro, Maria Kirilenko, one of the top female players on the tour, will be posted here if Maria agrees.  I saw her play last year while sitting in the second row.  Maria's photo above was taken while attending the 2011 Parabas Open at Indian Wells with some tennis friends.

Who else would you like to see at the Cyber-bistro?  Who is your favorite tennis player?  Who is your favorite writer?  Add your comments below. 

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  1. I hope to see you at the bistro and get to know what your favorite passion is. Don't forget to come back next Saturday for the bistro's first book give-away.