Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Bricks Added to Yellow Brick Road

Members and guests at the bistro are encouraged to be part of the brick club.  Be sure to dedicate your brick by clicking the "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" button above.  It's a great way to pay tribute to someone important in your life.  You don't have to be a member of this blog to leave a "brick."  However, if you would like a couple of extra free bricks for the Yellow Brick Road, find the "join this site" button on the right margin just below the countdown clock and become a blog V.I.P.

Anyone who is a member is automatically eligible for monthly give-aways.  I'm doing the first drawing this Saturday.  Thanks to all who placed their bricks already.

Don't forget to visit the Cyber-bistro every Friday to read guest posts from passionate leaders in the writing world.  My writing mentor, Pete Zindler, and his family have a great story to share at 8:08AM this Friday.

I look forward to reading your favorite quote or finding out who inspires you.  The Yellow Brick Road is growing, one brick at a time.  Thanks for being a part of it.

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