Friday, January 13, 2012

It's All About the Relationship

How does a new business get customers?  In the old days, expensive campaigns were needed to help the entrepreneur attract customers.  Times are changing.  Borders are disappearing.  And imagination is the only boundary.

Welcome to the world's first Cyber-bistro.  You found this place because a friend told you about it or because my one-customer-at-a-time advertising campaign - a.k.a. that free book bribe I offered you, intrigued you and you wanted to see what this place is all about.

No traditional food is served here, however, I do promise you will be well fed and you won't be able to resist coming back.  The Grand Opening will be held just over a year from now.  Your server will make a special appearance and give away special gifts to Caveman Cyber-bistro patrons.  It's a grand opening you won't want to miss.  Forget driving around trying to find an Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day.  Attend my virtual party.  And my favorite V.I.P. will be there....YOU.  The Cyber-bistro is now officially open.  As of today there are eleven supporters.  Let's see if these eleven V.I.P.'s can invite more friends and help me get to thirty guests by the end of the month.  Show your support by clicking the Cyber-bistro V.I.P. "Join this site" button on the right.

What do you think of this place so far?  Is there anything special you would like added to the menu?  Your feedback is important and every comment card is read by management.  Don't forget to tell your friends.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Patty, welcome to the Cyber-bistro. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

  2. Please welcome Sheri from Qatar to the Cyber-bistro, our first international patron. She is currently in first place in the "International Cyber-bistro VIP contest." The winner will be announced on Saturday, March 31. The lucky winner will be invited to share his or her story at the bistro. The idea is to bring old friends together and make new ones. Glad to have you in the "cyber-house," Sheri.