Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bible Trivia Questions About Followers

You can learn a great deal about someone by watching his or her close friends.  Jesus is the perfect example.  If you observe His followers, you get a glimpse of a sense of humor unmatched anywhere in the world.  He picked who to follow Him?  Fishermen who would have starved to death without their leader's help.   Are you kidding me?  And that stunt he pulled at the wedding party where he turned water into wine would have been an even bigger hit in Ireland.  Only God knows how many followers would have hopped on the band wagon if He sailed that fishing boat another 2,500 miles to the north to recruit some of my ancestors.

I'm pretty sure if I gave away free beer every month instead of free books, I would have the entire SHS class of '78 following this blog.  And the whole Mulligan clan would invade, led by cousin, David Mulligan, who wrote the world-famous Sierra Nevada song.  Here's the clip...

There I go again...meandering.  Let's get back to the topic of the day - Bible trivia.  You can answer by hitting the comment button at the end of this post.  You don't have to be a follower to play, however, if you decide to become a blog follower, you will be automatically entered to win The Caveman in the Mirror every month in 2012.  Here are the Bible trivia questions...

1.  How many people did Jesus ask to follow him during his three year ministry?

2.  Bonus Question:  Did He ever ask anybody not to follow Him and why would He do that?

Thanks for playing today's Bible trivia game.  Come back again.  We're just getting started.


  1. Welcome to Caveman Reflections, David. You are officially the first of the Mulligan clan to enter this site. Just like your father, the patriarch of our group, I believe in setting goals to get things done. Thank you for helping me reach my goal of 30 followers in 30 days. And if you can persuade your band to follow, I may have to dedicate a blog interview to you and round up some fans for your next San Diego gig. I love your video clips you upload while you're on the road. Tell your brothers tomorrow's story on my main blog is about a memory on Butler Drive featuring Red Rover. Don't real names are used. Adios, cool cuz.

  2. Oops. David, I overlooked another member of the Mulligan clan who got here first. I know how competitive this group is, so I better acknowledge my daughter, Nicole. Yes, she is the first Mulligan to follow. You do get bragging rights as the first cousin. If I can figure out a way to serve beer at the Cyber-bistro, I promise to offer your favorite Sierra Nevada.